My Gratitude Journal

The 5 things that I am grateful for today:

1)  God, for giving me life that I may have a great life.

2)  My amazing sister and her family, for all their positivity and support.

3)  That my daughter and I have a roof over our heads, food in the kitchen and clothes to keep us warm.

4)  That I have everything I need to be successful in life right at my fingertips, all I need to do is grab it and run!

5)  The support of my OA group and the love that they show me.


Three positive things a day!

Recently I have seen on Facebook a few people updating their status every day with three positive things that they have experienced, and I thought that it sounded like a grand idea!  So, I am going to try it!

Every day I will write 3 positive things that I have experienced, and write them in my blog.  To be honest, I am not the most positive person, and I suppose that fact alone is reason enough to start feeling more positive, and write about them in a blog.

My positive things, I am guessing, will start quite small, and hopefully after a while, they will grow and get better as I start feeling more positive.

So here it goes:

Three Positive Things for today

1.  I have a roof over my head.

2.  All my limbs are in working order.

3.  I am writing this blog.

See, by the third point, it got better already!  Although the first two are still very important 🙂

Here is a link that you may find useful, if you; like me, are struggling with staying positive, and need to find something to feel better about:

Now, time to do some study, and I will write in here tomorrow…

Bye for now!


Three positive things for today

1. I handed in an assessment today, yay!
2. I had a good long talk with a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in ages.
3. I actually feel relaxed now, instead of constantly being stressed like usual.

I know that it’s past midnight, but I’m not asleep yet so I’m still counting it as Friday 🙂


Rebekah ♡

Justin Beiber Fever

Is it just me or has the whole world gone crazy for Justin Beiber??  I have had this blog for a long time and nothing really made me want to write about it until now.  I am a single mother with an almost 8 year old daughter, and she has a crush on the new teen craze.  This no-talent image-obsessed overload is taking over young girls [and boys] lives with his boppy tunes only singing about one thing – girls, just this morning when I dropped Ella off at school 2 girls ran up to her and said that Justin Beiber was playing in the classroom, and they all ran to hear it.

Now Ella was really excited before then to show me 2 of the chapter books she was reading in class and had been going on about it for the past 2 or so days, she usually likes me to only drop her off at the gate of the school but this time was different because of the books she wanted to show me – as soon as she heard that her first crush was singing, she joined the running girls telling others on the way that he was singing.

When we got to the classroom all the children were dancing and the music was up loud, don’t get me wrong, if the music is good then I would turn it up loud too [I’m not that old], and after all that my daughter [who really does love her books] completely forgot to show me what she wanted to show me for the past 2 days and went to join the others and left me without so much as a goodbye, then going to her teacher purposely to tell her that I thought that Justin Beiber had no talent [which I had told her a few times in that week itself].  I came up to the two of them and said to her teacher that he looks as though he is 8 years old and affirmed that he had no talent, the teacher didn’t seem to care.

Does anyone agree with me that school teachers need training on morals and values?  When my daughter first started school I thought that the teaching wasn’t too bad and she enjoyed it so that was ok, as she has gotten older the teachers have become more slack in what type of things that they teach and the educational denseness of the curriculum is quite sparse.  If I were to liken education to baking I would say that it is more like a rice crispy treat rather than a caramel square, there are a lot of holes and not much foundation.  Although in saying that, parents are the first teachers, right?  When the teachers get it wrong or dont teach them about certain things then we are here to set things straight [when our children actually want to actively listen to us].

These days everything is so morally bankrupt that so many people think its ok to let the little things slip because ‘they are not so bad’ and that is how society gets worse, by thinking that doing the things that aren’t so good for us is somehow good.  ‘Just one more tim tam’ is somehow ‘sinful’ so it makes it more tempting, anything to do with rich/sweet/decadent/fat laden food that is tempting to the eye and ‘makes you want more’ is sinful so its ok to ‘give in to temptation’ because a little bit of bad is apparently good for you.

I’ve heard that phrase before – that sin is bad so give into it, what is going on people?  There is even a group on facebook that is called ‘Society of the Morally Bankrupt’, where on earth do people get these ideas from to think that this is such a great idea to create a group that purposely wants to sin and be tempted to do wrong?